I began communicating with the world through pictures. As a child my first drawings started on the walls of my parents’ house. These themes transformed into a wide series of works that includes films, illustrations, paintings, and 240 fully illustrated comic strips. It wasn’t until I enrolled in Parsons School of Design that I discovered the digital arts, sparking my career as a motion graphics designer, commercial filmmaker and fashion illustrator. After spending the first part of my career composing much of my work on a computer screen, I was compelled to return to my true love: the sensual immediacy of drawing and painting.

The first drawings were portraits sketched on napkins and scraps of paper. These grew into a series of conjoined faces, which emerged from each other to make a single organic shape. The shape continued to shift and grow until I was submersed in a creative flow that felt like déjà vu, as if I was tracing something that was already there. Using a small dip pen filled with black ink on white acrylic, I tried to capture the honesty and innocence that sparks in a sketch. The process became the art and the transformation became the concept. I called the series “New Girls.”