Anne Koch was touched at David Foote's proposal to sit for him for fifty drawings.
This was not easy for her - to sit still - as she has her fingers in many pies.
This collaboration has been woven through the Infatuation with the Other.

Together they hunted for dropped branches + twigs in the forests of New York.  They collected, tied, twisted + sculpted each frame to the perfect shape for each canvas, yielding to the way of the wood. Each piece was dipped into a vat of high-gloss white latex paint. One by one each feather was applied and together they were laid to dry.  Only then was India ink touched by the dip-pen of David Foote, creating the many forms and faces you see before you.  
As a final touch, the sculptured paintings were sealed with varnish + sprinkled with powders of the universe.

The human-sized nest is built + woven as birds:  without the use of adhesion or twine, 
but instead using the tension and complexity of the natural curves and indentations in the branches.
The nest is a symbol of a journey -  a homecoming birds of a feather.

David Foote + Anne Koch