As an artist my process has always been an organic one, taking inspiration from the spontaneous, sensual immediacy of a sketch and transforming it into a painting on canvas. After my second show, (In) Res-i-Dence, in which I placed my work in a livable space away from the gallery setting, where viewers could relate to my art on a more recognizable environment like a bedroom or living room, I wanted to create something that enriched the relationship between artist and viewer beyond the realm of an affair.

To do this I would adapt one of my works, in this case my favorite painting from the New Girls series titled “No. 10,” into ten different functional items that the viewing audience could interact with on a daily basis. Thus, “David Foote Limited Edition No.10” was born. To create these pieces, I chose ten brands I venerated for their design aesthetic, and a charity I admired for their mission, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.




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