Sumo Tribeca
37 Walker street NYC


Everyone has a story. I've always found it fascinating to imagine what that story is. When you see someone on the subway or walking down the street, at first glance they might seem innocuous, but upon close examination sometimes you notice that things are slightly off. Those are the types of characters I am usually drawn to: that woman wearing a power suit, but when you look down, she's holding a toolbox. Or a man you see walking down the street in a tailored suit, and on second glance, you notice he's crying. Every time I witness one of these incidents I start to imagine the events that led up to this moment, or that will follow.

A Series of Alarming Women was inspired by these types of happenings. It is a window into the lives of a group of women who at first glance seem innocent, but when you look closely, a more grisly story is at play. These are not meant to be a social comment on the female psyche or a judgment of women in general. These works on paper are merely amusing representations, in India ink and neon acrylic paint, of singular characters who are involved in something gruesome, often comedic, and ultimately... just plain alarming. - David Foote